by HFPA July 29, 2012

A familiar figure to Hollywood Foreign Press members, Radioman is the star of a documentary movie which will be screened at the London Film Festival in October. It is the story of an extraordinary eccentric, a homeless man whose unparalleled obsession with the movies has taken him from sleeping on the streets to becoming a New York movie legend with over 100 small film roles to his name.
Radioman (so called because of the trademark boombox radio he hangs around his neck) spends his day and nights cycling around the city from one movie set to another, hanging out with the cast and crew between takes and then moving on to wait until the early hours of the morning outside premieres and after-parties for the same people he has just spent the day with. The stars, filmmakers and crew are the closest thing he has to a family and he cherishes he time he can spend with them even if it often means waiting for seven hours in the freezing cold.
Featuring interviews with celebrities who know him the Radioman documentary gives the audience a look behind the scenes of showbusiness—paparazzi, autograph hunters, premieres and film shoots, all seen through the eyes of a self-confessed New York street bum.
On a recent trip to New York we caught up with Radioman where he was waiting for Jessica Alba outside the Trump Soho Hotel and planning his trip to London. “I’ll be there for the premiere of the movie but I won’t stay more than a couple of days,” he told us. “I’ve got things to do in New York.”