by Yoram Kahana December 17, 2010


During 1979 interviews by the Hollywood Foreign Press with director Blake Edwards and his wife, actress Julie Andrews, for the movie 10 starring Dudley Moore and Bo Derek, HFPA correspondent Elisa Leonelli from Italy asked:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working with your husband?

Julie Andrews:  It’s the best way to work, for me at least, because he’s the easiest man to work with.  Obviously I can ask him anything I want and we can talk about it after work; so the advantages are tremendous.  The only disadvantage is, if I have to do a love scene with somebody else and he says: I don’t like it, darling, please do it better.

Blake Edwards: It depends who you are doing it with... 

Photograph of Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews (c) Yoram Kahana