HFPA grants more than $1,000,000 to 27 film schools and non-profit organizations during annual installation luncheon

by HFPA July 20, 2005

HFPA President Philip Berk with Brad Pitt and Emmy Rossum.

Over the past 11 years, the HFPA has given more than $5,500,000 in financial grants. Celebrities attending the event included Kevin Bacon, Jesse Bradford, Peter Falk, America Ferrera, Sally Field, Brad Pitt, Emmy Rossum, and Ziyi Zhang. Newly-elected president Philip Berk introduced the officers Mahfouz Doss, vice president; Jorge Camara, treasurer; Meher Tatna, executive secretary; and board members Lorenzo Soria (Chairman), Yani Begakis, Yoram Kahana, Mira Panajotovic, Noemia Young and Silvia Bizio (alternate).

America Ferrera

Kevin Bacon

Peter Falk

Jesse Bradford

Sally Field

Ziyi Zhang

The event was moderated by Rossum and Falk. Acceptance remarks were made by Brad Pitt on behalf of the Film Foundation Inc., Sally Field on behalf of the Sundance Institute (for international filmmakers), Ziyi Zhang on behalf of FilmAid International, America Ferrera on behalf of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers, Kevin Bacon on behalf of Film Independent [FIND], Jesse Bradford on behalf of Columbia University, and Anne Douglas and Jack Valenti on behalf of the Community Partners for the Anne & Kirk Douglas Playground Award.

"Members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association always look forward to our annual summer luncheon," said Berk. "Not only do we celebrate the installation of the organization's new officers and board members, we take pride in donating over $1,000,000 in charitable contributions to many outstanding film-related charities and educational institutions. We are fortunate that the success of the Golden Globes allows us to do so."