by HFPA November 2, 2010

Actress Rachel McAdams, whose latest film Morning Glory was screened for the HFPA this week, has revealed how she was told to stop making 'stupid movies' by an immigration official as she tried to enter America.

The 31-year-old Canadian born star, who will be meeting HFPA members in New York this weekend, was also criticised for her pink hair colour by the abusive agent.

'She kicked me to the curb,' Adams told the New York Times.

'She was tough. I had pink hair at the time, and she said "Don't dye your hair that colour and don't make any more stupid movies".'

The confrontation came as McAdams attempted to enter the US from her native Canada.

Although she had a 'green card' that allows her to work and live in the US she still had to go through immigration control.

McAdams said she was too polite to ask the official what films she was referring to, telling the New York Times: "I was just glad she let me through".'

More importantly, her fans and Hollywood seem to disagree with the immigration official.

McAdams has several films coming out in the next couple of months. Morning Glory, co-starring Harrison Ford being the first set for release November 10.