by HFPA November 5, 2010

At just 5ft 2in Kristen Bell knows all too well the pluses and minuses of being petite.
“It’s easy to fit into a Prius, it’s easy to fit on a plane, I don’t have knee problems and people are generally nicer to you if you’re smaller,” she told HFPA members when she met them recently in Beverly Hills.
But on the other hand height poses problems when she’s out with her boyfriend, the 6ft tall actor Dax Shepherd. “It’s tough taking pictures with him because he’s so tall and unless you have a really wide frame you’re not going to get both our heads in,” she laughed.
Kristen, who made her name playing a gifted but mentally unstable woman in the television series Heroes and is now a major movie star thanks to roles in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Couples Retreat, Get Him to the Greek and the high school comedy You Again, has been engaged to Dax for nearly a year but, she says, she has no plans to marry.
“I come from a very traditional household and for a while I thought a marriage certificate was important but the older I get the more I see how little it means because the piece of paper is not going to make you act any differently, nor is the ring for that matter. What matters is choosing to respect the person you’re with and if you have a ring and all the pieces of paper in the world it doesn’t mean you’re going to get along if you don’t put the work in.”