by HFPA November 20, 2010

Despite her Academy Award nominated role in Frozen River, actress Melissa Leo is not - yet - a household name.
That's a pity considering her enormous talent, but chances are that is all about to change very soon.
Her role in the upcoming film The Fighter has Hollywood buzzing and could finally bring her some well deserved recognition.
One way to attract some more attention, however, seems to come quite simple. Just change your hair color.
While meeting with the HFPA, the actress explained changing your hair color can really make a difference.
"I' am a red head and only some years ago when I dyed my hair brown did I realize that when you're red head people look at you like, Oh, she's going to steal my husband, she's going to scream soon." the actress admits.
"All of a sudden guys would walk up to me, make eye contact and say 'Good Morning'." she laughs.
"Let me tell you. For this part (The Fighter) I had to dye my hair blond and all the rumors are true!"
"All of a sudden guys greeted me, asked how I was and wished me a wonderful day!"

Contributed by Anke Hofmann