by HFPA August 23, 2011

Overseas audiences enjoy seeing movies in 3D more than their U.S counterparts, according to a survey by Daily Variety.

In the U.S, 3D's contribution to the overall box office income this year was about 45 per cent, down five per cent from last year, while overseas the format accounts for about 60 to 70 per cent of a film's international take, Variety reports, adding:  " To some degree the divergence can be chalked up to a matter of preference--some cultures just like 3D more than others for reasons that can't be quantified...but there are also some subtle differences in local pricing."

Variety goes on to list some notable factors: "Many international markets temper 3D upcharges with discount play periods. China has half-price Tuesday. In Germany, "Cinema Day" brings a steep midweek price drop to matinees. And some territories even charge less for 3D pics that have shorter running times. In many countries premium ticket prices for 3D are further mitigated because moviegoers are encouraged to buy their own reusable glasses."

The  3D format is proving a big hit in Japan, where the total 2010 box office ranked second only to the U.S while this year's highest-grossing titles, Harry Potter and Transformers, delivered some of their highest 3D results in Japan and Russia.