by HFPA May 22, 2011

by Yoko Narita




Susan Sarandon came to meet the HFPA with her Pomeranian Maltese pooch, Penny, and put her on the table to show her off.  “See, Penny cut her hair short so that her legs look longer.  She was even in my movie Bernard and Doris, playing Doris Duke's pet, and for that role she had to dye her hair brown to look like a wealthy pet.  She enjoyed all of the attention.  I even made her my escort to the Speed Racer junket and she stole the show."





Scott Caan, star of Hawaii Five-O, brought his best pal, Dot, to our interview on the show’s set in Waikiki.   Dot, a pointer mix was far poised than her master.  "She is part of our gang and she gives you a little talent show," Scott said with huge pride.  Dot sat quietly on the floor to give her master his show time, but occasionally she jumped on the table or nearby shelf very elegantly.  “Dot is a born star and loves the camera.”  He did not mind her stealing his show.  “To tell you the truth, I even made a movie about a dog called The Dog Problem.  It wasn't very good.  Don't anyone see it!"  At holiday time, Scott sent us his card which showed a joyous photo of Dot jumping and kissing him.   “Dot and I can take you surfing the next time you come to Hawaii,” he said.




Emily Blunt had to deal with not only with her new honeymoon life with John Krasinski, but also with a puppy. “His name is Finn.  John and I wanted to start our family with a baby puppy.  Only a few weeks and [and he was] already 90 pounds, and he is very naughty!  Jumps at me all the time.  He is a chocolate lab and I just had to deal with his vomit and poop. It’s great training for us.” Since then we talked to John and he added, “Finn got his training, for a whole two weeks he was at the trainer's and our house was deadly empty. Now he is more disciplined and well mannered.  Do we sleep with him in our bed?  No way!  He has his own room with a king size bed and custom made bedding.”