by HFPA August 1, 2011

Golden Globe winner Angelina Jolie was the star of the Sarajevo Film Festival, where she received an award in anticipation of her upcoming film In The Land of Blood and Honey (the “B” and “H” also signaling a metaphor for Bosnia-Herzegovina) about the tragic personal fallout of the war in  what was Yugoslavia. The English language version of the movie, also shot in Serbo-Croatian, will open in the US  on December 23.

Accepting the Heart of Sarajevo from the hands of festival director Mirsad Purivatra, UN Goodwill Ambassador Jolie praised the people of Bosnia for the strength of local artists. Her mission statement for her directorial debut: “My goal was try to talk to people from all sides of the situation and allow them to have a voice; allow them to go through what they went through and express it, whether it be extreme cruelty or the loss of humanity or the extreme sense of hope or the beauty, whatever it was.

"It`s a combination of views from different sides.  Hopefully it will also be a beautiful story where you get to know some of the people of the former Yugoslavia.  If there`s a political statement it`s that hopefully people will watch it and say, 'Where was I when this was happening? How did I not know? Why did I not do anything? Why did my country not do more? Why did it take so long? Next time when this happens what can we do to prevent it?'"