Two Time Golden Globe Winner Maximilian Schell Dies

by HFPA February 1, 2014

Two time Golden Globe winner Maximilian Schell has died at the age of 83.


The Austrian actor, who died at a clinic in Innsbruck, was nominated four times and won twice, for best actor in the 1961 movie Judgement at Nuremberg and in 1963 for best supporting actor as Lenin in the TV miniseries Stalin. He was one of the most famous German-speaking actors to have gained international renown. Born in Vienna, in 1930, Schell was one of four children of a Swiss author and an Austrian actress.His parents emigrated to Switzerland eight years later when Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany. A stage actor, Schell began his Hollywood career in the late 1950s when he starred alongside Marlon Brando in the World War Two film, The Young Lions. Over the next three decades, Schell appeared in numerous big US productions. His diverse characters ranged from a museum treasure thief in Topkapi (1964), to a mad scientist in sci-fi film The Black Hole (1979), to a Russian KGB colonel in Candles in the Dark (1998). Schell also directed several movies, including his 1984 Oscar-nominated documentary Marlene, about Marlene Dietrich. Schell's late sister Maria was also a renowned actress.