Bradley Cooper

AMERICAN HUSTLE by David O’Russell
For playing a federal agent in this film about the ASCAM scandal of the 1970s

Golden Globes: 1 nomination

2013 Best Actor comedy SILVER LINING PLAYBOOK

Famous for his role in the raunchy THE HANGOVER (2009), and its sequels, THE HANGOVER II (2011), THE HANGOVER III (2013), Cooper played supporting roles in THE WEDDING CRASHERS (2005), FAILURE TO LAUNCH (2006), HE’S JUST NOT INTO YOU (2009). He starred in LIMITLESS (2011) with Robert De Niro, in THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES with Ryan Gosling, with Jennifer Lawrence in SILVER LINING PLAYBOOK (2012) also directed by David O. Russell. He stars next in AMERICAN SNIPER (2014) by Clint Eastwood.