Christian Bale

AMERICAN HUSTLE by David O’Russell
Re-teams with David O’ Russell and Amy Adams after THE FIGHTER, to play a con artist based on Melvin Weinberg, involved in the ABSCAM political corruption scandal of the late 1970s.

Golden Globes: 1 nomination, 1 win

2011 Best Supporting Actor THE FIGHTER

Cast by Steven Spielberg at age 13 in EMPIRE OF THE SUN (1987), Bale was chosen by Christopher Nolan to play the cartoon superhero in the franchise reboot BATMAN BEGINS (2004) and it sequels, THE DARK KNIGHT (2008) and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012). He gave intense performances in AMERICAN PSYCHO (2000), THE MACHINIST (2004), THE NEW WORLD (2005) by Terrence Malick, THE PRESTIGE (2006) by Christopher Nolan, 3:10 TO YUMA (2007) by James Mangold. This year he also starred in OUT OF THE FURNACE (2013) by Scott Cooper. He next plays Moses in EXODUS by Ridley Scott.