Credentials for the 74TH Annual Golden Globe® Awards are now open.

Media and Publicist Credential Request Application Process


Welcome to our online credential application process, which allows you to request media or publicist credentials for the 74TH Golden Globe® Nominations announcement on December 12, 2016 and/or the 74TH Golden Globe® Awards on January 8, 2017. All media and publicist credential requests must be submitted through this online process.

By submitting an application, you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth in these instructions and in the Media Agreement that appears later in the process. Additionally, credentials issued are non-transferable and may be denied or revoked at any time and for any or no reason at the sole discretion of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). A credential badge is valid only when worn by the individual to whom it was issued. Any attempted transfer of credentials will result in the revocation of all credentials of an organization/outlet and may be a basis for the denial of requests for credentials by that organization/outlet for future events.

Only one application per entity is permitted. All communication regarding credentials will be directed to the individual submitting the credential request(s) on behalf of your organization via email.

If you have problems with the credential website, please contact [email protected].



Prior to submitting the online request you and your organization must first accept the terms and conditions of these Instructions and the News Coverage Agreement that appears later in this process. By checking the appropriate box online you are acknowledging your understanding and acceptance of the terms of the News Coverage Agreement on behalf of yourself and your organization/outlet as well as all the terms and conditions that are set forth in these Instructions. You will be able to view the News Coverage Agreement prior to submitting your contact information. You are strongly encouraged to read these Instructions and the News Coverage Agreement carefully and to share them with all appropriate parties at your organization, including your legal department, before completing the credential request process. If you have any questions about the use of clips pursuant to the terms of the News Coverage Agreement, please contact Sunshine Sachs at [email protected].

Freelance journalists and all other applicants who are not on-staff employees of the outlet(s) they will be representing must submit an original letter of assignment on company letterhead with the name and phone number of the assignment editor. No journalists, photographers or camera crews will be considered without a confirmed assignment from an outlet or agency. A letter of assignment should be emailed to [email protected].

With respect to photographers, if your photographs will be distributed through a photography agency, you must identify any and all agencies in the application. If you are a staff photographer and your employer distributes through an agency, you must identify any and all such agencies in your application. Please note that if you provide incomplete or inaccurate information about your relationship and/or your organization’s affiliation with photography agencies, any credentials provided to you, your organization, or your agency or agencies may be revoked and that you, your organization, and/or your agency may be denied requests for credentials for future events.

Please submit any appropriate materials (video, audio clips, tear sheets, etc.), as well as audience size and demographics, to illustrate your past coverage of the Golden Globe Awards and/or other HFPA events. Previous coverage will be taken into consideration throughout the credential process. You may be asked to provide additional or clarifying information. Please send materials to [email protected].



With regards to the telecast, we urge you to please confer with partners/studios/networks/consultants prior to submitting an application to avoid duplicate requests.



Once you’ve submitted your online request, a receipt will be sent to the email address you provided. This is a receipt of your request ONLY and DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE BEEN OR WILL BE APPROVED FOR CREDENTIALS.

If you do not receive an email receipt within ten minutes, you can confirm the submission by logging back into the site and reviewing the submitted information or email [email protected]. You will receive one email receipt when you submit the Nominations Announcement credential request application and a separate email receipt once you have submitted the Golden Globe Awards ceremony credential request application. It is your responsibility to follow up should you not receive an email receipt of your credential request. After the deadline date and final review of your request, you will be notified by email as to the status of your request.

If your request for credentials is accommodated, you will receive a confirmation letter with additional required information.

We realize that some of the information we require might be considered personal and that some individuals might be concerned about how the information is handled. Therefore, the information provided will only be used in the credential application process for the Golden Globe® Awards and only for our security purposes. We may share that information with the business operating the location of the Golden Globe nominations and the Golden Globe Awards show, with businesses organizing events related to the nominations and the Awards Show (e.g. after parties), with our and their respective credential and security services, with federal, state and local law enforcement, and with anyone else we deem necessary to ensure the accuracy of the credential process and the security and safety of the nominations announcement, the Awards Show and ancillary events. Information will not be made available to any other person and/or entity for any other purpose.

Any and all equipment, bags, and other materials brought to the Nominations Announcement or the Golden Globe Awards ceremony and telecast will be subject to search by security personnel.

The 2017 Golden Globe® Awards will air on January 8 LIVE coast-to-coast on NBC from 5:00-8:00 p.m. (PST)/8:00-11:00 p.m. (EST) from the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

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***Late applications will not be considered


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PUBLICIST: The deadline to apply for Telecast: Monday, December 19, 2016 at 5:00p.m./PST.



Should you have any MEDIA questions about the application or the credentialing process, please contact Sunshine Sachs by email at [email protected].

Should you have any PUBLICIST questions about the application or the credentialing process, please contact Sunshine Sachs by email at [email protected].


Thank you for your interest in covering the 74TH Golden Globe® Awards.