by HFPA July 3, 2014

It’s no wonder that CBS’s new sci-fi thriller Extant bears the Amblin trademark; its intimations of space aliens, Lost-like mystery and AI-inspired child-robot storyline are a natural fit for Steven Spielberg who executive produces the series. The drama is the brainchild of first-time TV creator Mickey Fisher who was discovered after entering his script in a pilot contest. The show features Halle Berry as an astronaut (Molly Woods) who returns from a 13-month solo mission in an orbiting space station to find out that she’s inexplicably pregnant. Meanwhile, her brilliant roboticist husband, played by Goran Visnjic (John Woods), has created Ethan – their “son” via artificial intelligence. But reentry into “normal” family life is going to be anything but smooth judging from a pilot which reveals mysterious goings-on both at Molly’s space agency and John’s robotics firm….and then there’ the mysterious man warning Molly to “be careful”…We got to see a sneak peek at a premiere at the California Science Center and the HFPA's Ramzi Malouki spoke to the cast.