Planes: Fire and Rescue - Toontown Backstage

by HFPA July 17, 2014

Planes: Fire and Rescue is the fourth animated film to inhabit the world of Cars created by John Lasseter. This sequel/spinoff sees Dusty, the plucky crop duster turned racing champ, take his acrobatic flying skills to the wilderness – in Piston Peak National Park to be precise, where he joins a wildfire air attack team. Director and co-writer Roberts “Bobs” Gannaway and his team worked for four years at the retooled DisneyToon studios under the supervision of John Lasseter to ensure the proper Pixar lineage. To get the look and feel right animators and artists worked closely with CalFire the California Department of Forestry’s division of Fire Protection, following pilots and smokejumpers to a training camp, studying fire behavior and programming new animation software to simulate it. We spent a day at the Glendale, CA studios where the film painstakingly came to life thanks to the effort of hundreds of artists and got a real peek behind the scenes at Toontown. In the video Art Hernandez (Head of Story) and Lawrence Gong (Story Artist) tell us about story-boarding, the first step in creating an animated feature and how it relates to the finished product.