House of Cards: Kevin Spacey

When the Leader of the Free World personally issues a no-spoiler order, you know a show has hit it big. That’s what happened with Golden Globe-nominated House of Cards that hit the Netflix website on Friday in its season-long full 13-episode glory. A few hours ahead of the midnight upload, the Season Two opening episode was screened for cast and crew and special guests at Hollywood’s Directors Guild Theater. That (and the ensuing after party at the Chateau Marmont) were easily the hottest pre-Valentine’s dates in town and we couldn’t miss them. How was it? Suffice it to say that our highest expectations for the lowest of behaviors were amply met: Showrunner Beau Willimon and his band of Macchiavellian pols really outdid themselves! We’d love to tell you more but we’d hate to end up audited by the IRS, if you catch our drift…Instead we’ll let congressman Frank Underwood, aka Kevin Spacey, share his thoughts on the show.