Matthew McConaughey

DALLAS BUYERS CLUB by Jean-Marc Vallée
As real-life Texan Ron Woodroof, who, diagnosed with AIDS in 1986, dedicated his life to providing not-yet FDA-approved medications to AIDS patients, until his death 6 years later in 1992.

Golden Globes: 1 nomination, 1 win
2014 Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama DALLAS BUYER'S CLUB

McConaughey became famous in 1996 with A TIME TO KILL directed by Joel Schumacher from the thriller by John Grisham. He acted in dramas like CONTACT (1997) by Robert Zemecki, AMISTAD (1997) by Steven Spielberg, romantic comedies like THE WEDDING PLANNER (2001) with Jennifer Lopez, HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS (2003) and FOOL’S GOLD (2008) with Kate Hudson, SAHARA (2005) with Penélope Cruz. Played a male stripped in MAGIC MIKE (2012) by Steven Soderbergh. This year he also acted in MUD (2013) by Jeff Nichols.