Sandra Bullock

GRAVITY by Alfonso Cuarón

For her role as a heartbroken scientist, lost in space, who rediscovers her will to live.

Golden Globes: 4 nominations, 1 win
2010 Best Actress drama THE BLIND SIDE
2010 Best Actress comedy THE PROPOSAL
2001 Best Actress comedy MISS CONGENIALITY
1996 Best Actress comedy WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING.

Bullock was cast in SPEED (1984) by Jan De Bont opposite Keanu Reeves, co-starred with Matthew McConaughey in A TIME TO KILL (1996) by Joel Schumacher, with Ryan Gosling in MURDER BY NUMBERS (2002), with Hugh Grant in TWO WEEKS NOTICE (2002), with Ryan Reynolds in THE PROPOSAL (2009), with Tom Hanks in EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE (2011).
This year she also starred with Melissa McCarthy in THE HEAT (2013).