From the archives: James Woods

by HFPA April 24, 2013

by Jack Tewksbury

For forty years the HFPA has recorded interviews with famous and celebrated actors, actresses and filmmakers. The world’s largest collection of its kind — over 10,000 interviews — is now in the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Library. The audios are fascinating. Below is an excerpt: a memoir of a very intense and rather colorful collaboration between James Woods and director Oliver Stone on the set of Salvador, in 1985.

"We  fought  like  cats  and  dogs.  I  mean,  we  really  were brutally  at  odds  through most   of  the  film,  although  I like Oliver  Stone  very  much,  and  I  think  he's  a  great  screenwriter.  Anyway,  the  movie  worked,  I  think  we  both  agreed.

We  have  each  gone  on  record  as  saying  it  was  an  unbelievably  difficult  time  but  a  very  valuable  time  although  we  didn't  talk  once  for  three  whole  days. If  he  said , "Action,"  I  wouldn't  do  anything.  I'd  say, "Tell  the  first  assistant director."  Once  he  called  me  a  rat  and  a  weasel and  he  told  me,  "I  hate  you."  So  in  the  very  next  scene I shout,  "Okay, I'm  a  f***  weasel."

I just  threw  it  in  and  he  said, "You  had  to  say  it, didn't you?"  And  he  added,  "I'm  not  going  to  print  it,"  and  I said, "Yeah,  you'll  print  it,  cause  it's  good."  And  there  it is  on  the  screen.”