Cate Blanchett: Our First Icon of Style

by Margaret Gardiner November 4, 2015

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What makes a style icon?

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Designer: Gil

There are many people who draw attention on the red carpet, but when someone is effortlessly elegant, without being a slave to trends, when they push the envelope, yet always appear immaculate, when their choices are timeless – that’s style.

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Designer: Givenchy Designer: Jean Paul Gaultier Couture

Why is Cate Blanchett our first style icon?

Her style is her own. The cuts of the clothes are eclectic; the colors, adventurous. She’s comfortable in classic black or white, but is not shy to appear in apricot, metal, or shocking red. The necklines can be demure – or plunging. She embraces patterns, pantsuits and pockets. A simple little frock with a skinny belt at the BAFTA LA awards in 2014 hinted at the loose flowing skirt that is trending right now. She effortlessly bounces from modern to vintage looks and even her most outrageous gowns are elegant simplicity.

Favorite quote about her own appearance: “I didn’t wake up looking like this. I woke up looking like Phyllis Diller.”

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Designer: Michael Kors

A Golden Globe winner thrice, Ms. Blanchett has always understood the aesthetic and role of the red carpet. Her sense of fun and adventure, her willingness to go where others fear to tread, while paying homage to the skill of the designer, the art of the piece, and a respect for the women of substance who graced the silver screen before her, have made this talented actress a stand out in style.

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Designer: Margiela

We celebrate that women are more than what they wear. The most interesting focus is always on who they are, how they contribute, what role they are exploring and what they are saying. Clothing in no way defines ability, talent or appeal. Yet, without taking it too seriously, we have to tip our hat to the aesthetics created by designers that make the red carpet a living art.

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Designer: Armani Privé

So watch this space for more Icons of Style, click through the gallery and let us know what you think and who are your favorite Style Icons.

Margaret Gardiner