Globes Gift Bags Help Small Wonders Make Miracles

by HFPA August 30, 2014

The HFPA gained plaudits and

publicity for giving away almost $2 million at it's grants dinner last month, but its charity work continues throughout the year, as a recent letter from the Small Wonders Foundation to HFPA president Theo Kingma demonstrates. In it, Small Wonders president Thelma Waxman thanked theHFPA for donating a Golden Globe awards celebrity gift bag to the silent auction at the Foundation's fundraising event, Night of Wonders, held in June. The auction helped raise more than $12,000, money which will go toward helping pay for surgeries to correct congenital defects of children whose parents cannot afford the procedures or are denied by insurance companies.

The Foundation's goal is to provide children with deformities the care and support they need to live full and happy lives.

"Thank you for your support and for making miracles happen,"writes Ms. Waxman.