Golden Globe Ambassadors 2020 Bow at Hollywood Party

by Elisabeth Sereda November 15, 2019
Dylan and Paris Brosnan, GG Ambassadors 2020, with father Pierce Brosnan

Dylan and Paris Brosnan, GG Ambassadors 2020, with proud dad Pierce Brosnan.


The Golden Globe Ambassadors for 2020 were announced, and Hollywood came out to celebrate. Dylan and Paris Brosnan are the first brothers chosen for this honorary position that long since has morphed into much more than standing on stage at the Beverly Hilton for one night and handing the statues to the presenters. The role that used to be known as Miss and Mister Golden Globe has become a year-long job for the selected offspring of Hollywood royalty, whose work is to represent HFPA philanthropy and select a specific charity as a focus for their endeavors..

“It was easy for us to choose one that we wanted to work with, it had to be something with child hunger and education”, said Dylan, an actor and cinematographer who, at 22 already, has three films under his belt. The nonprofit organization they partnered with is FEED that delivers meals to school-aged children around the globe and for which Paris, 18, has traveled to Sri Lanka to shoot a short film.

At the party at Catch L.A., their proud papa, Pierce Brosnan was visibly moved: “The whole family was floored when we were approached with this idea for the boys”, he said. The brothers’ mum was in Kauai where the Brosnans own a home. Keely Shaye Brosnan, a former TV journalist, is an environmentalist and documentary filmmaker who recently released her film Poisoning Paradise about the pesticide abuse on experimental test sites on the Hawaiian Islands.

Many, mostly young stars mingled on the famous rooftop terrace where finger food was served, and a long line formed behind the Moët et Chandon photobooth throughout the evening. Olivia Wilde took fun shots with the two stars of her comedy Booksmart, Kaitlyn Deaver and Beany Feldstein. “People approach you very differently when you are a director”, she laughed: “All of a sudden, other actors are asking me for a job.” She has clearly taken to her new profession behind the camera. It was wonderful to see her excitement when she met the evening’s youngest guest, 10-year old Julia Butters, scene-stealer extraordinaire who put Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in his place in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Wilde had posted adoring comments about the neophyte’s immense talent on social media after seeing the film.

Stars at the Ambassadors 2020 party

At the party: Olivia Wilde and Robert Pattinson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and a friend, and young rising star Julia Butters.



Joey King (The Act) was excited to meet some of the more seasoned actors like Jamie Foxx, whose daughter Corinne served as Golden Globe Ambassador only a few years ago, and Josh Lucas. Paul Rudd was introduced to jazz legend Terence Blanchard, composer of scores like last year’s BlacKkKlansman, who held court at a center booth. Blanchard, a New Orleans native, recently bought a house in Los Angeles to do more work in the city of angels. Last night he was reunited with the star of the latest film he scored, Harriet - Cynthia Erivo.

Some of the older cast of This Is Us shepherded their new additions through the party: Justin Hartley and Chrissy Metz introduced Eris Baker who plays young Tess and Niles Fitch who stars as teenage Randall. Robert Pattinson stopped by, as did Brenda Song, Sarah Jeffery, and Mena Massoud.

Stars at the Ambassadors 2020 party

Partying on: Alfre Woodard; Lana Condor, Joey King, and Katherine Langford; Daniel Kaluuya and Cynthia Erivo; Kasi Lemmons and Terence Blanchard; Paul Rudd and HFPA president Lorenzo Soria.



Dawn-Lyen Gardner (Queen Sugar) and Matt McGorry (How To Get Away With Murder) bonded over their shared activism, and City on a Hill star Aldis Hodge - who can also be seen in the upcoming Clemency with another of the night’s guests, Alfre Woodard - held out till the end of the night when the lights came up. Aldis’ other passion aside from acting are timepieces: he is a watch designer and horological engineer, and we cannot wait to see his first collection.

The most asked question of the festive evening - “How tall IS Dylan Brosnan?” – was answered by his father: “6’5”, he takes after his grandfather who was also this tall.”

One thing is for sure, neither one of the aspiring filmmaker ambassadors will be overlooked on that Golden Globe stage come January 5th.