by HFPA December 10, 2010

Halle Berry treasures the Golden Globe and other awards she has amassed during her career but, she says, none of them has helped her professionally.

"It is what it is," she said during a recent visit to the Hollywood Foreign Press offices in West Hollywood. " It's a wonderful honor and when you first win it, you think, 'Oh, I'm going to get all the best scripts sent to my house now, but that just really doesn't happen. It's a big myth.

"If you sit around waiting for someone to drop a good script at your door, you may wait yourself right out of your career. It took me a while to learn but you want to have the kind of career you dream of you have to start producing your own projects and telling your own stories."

Halle, who won her Golden Globe in 2000 for her role in the made-for-television film Introducing Dorothy Dandrige, has done just that and has produced her latest film, Frankie and Alice, in which she plays a young woman struggling with multiple personality disorder.