Hero Moment-Comic-Con 2017: Grant Gustin, at the Speed of Light

by Gabriel Lerman July 24, 2017
Actor Grant Gustin at Comic-Con 2017

mike coppola/getty images

He has a big smile for every fan that stops him to ask for a picture and never seems tired of the duties of fame. A trained dancer and singer who started his career in Glee playing Sebastian Smythe, Grant Gustin has achieved stardom in the world of super heroes, as Barry Allen, better known as The Flash, first in Arrow and later in his own show. Obviously, he couldn't miss Comic-Con - he stopped by the HFPA lounge to share a few thoughts with us about his experience at the convention: "In a TV show, the characters come into your home on a nightly basis and the big screen creates a different kind of dynamic as an actor. So over the course of the last three years, people have probably felt like they have developed some sort of a relationship with not only Barry Allen (aka The Flash), but Grant Gustin.  ‘Cause they don’t go to a movie theater and pay for a ticket to see me, I just walk into their home every Tuesday night. I think it’s a different relationship between fans for sure, although social media has kind of flipped that whole thing on its head because everybody can put whatever you want in anybody’s face at any given time".

Grant is excited about Season Four, premiering October 10th: "When it starts, Barry Allen is trapped in what we call the Speed Force.  He sacrificed himself at the end of Season Three because the Speed Force was unstable and it needed a speedster inside of it to stabilize it. So when we pick up Season Four, he is still trapped.  And the first time we see him, he is not quite himself", he explains, but suddenly realizes he's saying too much. "I haven’t been authorized to reveal too much about Barry’s arc for the upcoming season, just because he is not even with the group when we start", explains with his characteristic huge grin.