Hero Moment-Comic-Con 2017: Sam Heughan, Breaking Hearts

by Ana Maria Bahiana July 22, 2017
Actor Sam Heughan at Comic-Con 2017

hfpa/armando gallo

Outlander’s Sam Heughan stopped by the HFPA lounge at Comic-Con to chat about the new season of the Golden Globe nominated show and we were all a bit disappointed that he didn’t show up in a glorious kilt.  The conversation, however, was very romantic in a way, since season 3 will include a lot of emotional drama and forlorn love.

Heughan admits that viewers’ hearts will be broken: “We are doing a show about a love story and we are not together for a long time. But I think  (author) Diana (Gabaldon) has written these books and Voyager, the third, it’s definitely my favorite.  And so it’s sad, Jamie has sent Claire back to the future with their unborn child and he is going to die or believes he is going to die.  And when he survives, there is this whole journey for him of sort of finding a reason to live and having a purpose in life.  And there are many goodbyes in this season as well and we say goodbye to Scotland and a lot of our cast, which was very emotional for us to shoot.”