Kidman Opens Cannes

by HFPA May 15, 2014

She glittered on the red carpet and kept a smile instead of a stiff upper lip in the face of her tepidly received film. Nicole Kidman is a pro when it comes to promoting one of her movies, even when it’s an uphill battle. To say that Olivier Dahan’s Grace of Monaco was met with mixed reaction is the understatement of the year. The film was politely applauded at the premiere but there was none of the overwhelming standing ovations and endless clapping that even mediocre festival films customarily receive when they have the opening night slot. The morning’s first press screening painted a clearer picture. Some left, some booed at the end, most moaned through it.

The official press conference that followed took a little of the sting out due to its star. Nicole Kidman charmed the room full of journalists with her well known grace – no pun intended. Her performance was the only aspect of the film that got unanimous praise. Unfortunately it is mostly lost on the film. During the press conference Kidman announced that Grace will be released in the US in a slightly different version. The actress was joking while being asked the usual dumb questions, i.e. if she had found her prince in real life: “I have, he’s more like a Country-prince“, she answered, referring to husband Keith Urban who couldn’t be here because of the American Idol finale in Los Angeles.

Kidman wore a white Altuzarra dress to the conference and changed into Armani Privè for the red carpet. Also on hand: Tim Roth who plays Prince Rainier in the film. The afterparty at Studio 5, La Croisette, was a subdued affair with director and producers huddling in a closed off corner. The film makers and actors were perhaps prepping for the interviews they were slated to do in the morning, given the reception, that looked to be no easy task.

Elisabeth Sereda