by HFPA October 17, 2010
Dexter star Michael C. Hall has revealed that being nominated for a Golden Globe award prompted him to announce that he was suffering from cancer.
Until a few days before the ceremony he had hidden the fact he was undergoing treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma.
"I hadn't planned to go public with it but I'm actually very thankful that I was invited to the Golden Globe ceremony because it compelled me to make an announcement," he told HFPA members when he met them recently at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.
"It made me appreciate how much energy it had taken for me to keep it quiet and once I let people know about it I had so much energy coming back to me in the form of cancer survivors or people who were undergoing treatment who reached out to me. It made me appreciate how valuable it is for people to see someone like Dexter, who they associate with vitality and life, going through it and surviving. It was a necessary step for me to come forward---and it gave me a lot back."
Michael C. Hall, who is now completely recovered, won the Golden Globe for best actor in a television drama and he accepted it wearing a knitted cap to hide his baldness.