On Music: For Anna Paquin, an Absolute Necessity

by Armando Gallo May 3, 2018
ACtress Anna Paquin, Golden Globe winner

armando gallo/hfpa

Golden Globe winner (forTrue Blood ) Anna Paquin is a fearless actress. Since she received the first of her five Golden Globe nominations at age 10, for her amazing portrayal of Flora, the little girl in director Jane Campion's The Piano, she always chose the most complicated or tortured characters to play. We wondered how much music helped her - or not at all- in embodying the parts she plays in film, television and on stage

For me, music plays a big part,” she told us.There's absolutely music that is evocative of certain emotional states or feelings or times in your life that are useful. And even on the most tightly, well-oiled set, it's always very noisy most of the time when everything is being set up. So the headphones going in and being able to go into your zone is a pretty good refuge but it's very different what exactly I will want or need to draw on sort of depending on what's being asked of me.  Absolutely, I mean, music for me is a necessity.”