On Music: Ben Affleck's Hypnotic Choices

by Armando Gallo October 5, 2016
Golden Globe winner Ben Affleck

HFPA/Armando Gallo

Ben Affleck is back on screen with The Accountant, a thriller directed by Gavin O’Connor. Later in the fall our twice Golden Globe winner will be back to theaters with the Prohibition-era drama Live By Night , his first outing behind the camera since Argo – a project that earned him his second Golden Globe, and his first as director. Sporting a beard in order to shoot one last scene as Bruce Wayne in Justice League, next week in Iceland, our Golden Globe winner spoke about how much music inspires his creativity as actor, writer and director.


“I listen to music when I write and usually I will find a couple of songs that are inspiring to me and I just sort of put them on a loop and then I will write to music. And I find that it’s kind of hypnotic and it allows me to concentrate more and it puts me more in the kind of feeling of the scene that I want the story to have. And so I think music is really, really helpful. It’s obviously helpful in telling a story as well and actually music can make movies much more wonderful and can kind of destroy a movie too with the wrong choices. 

Do you have any favorite musician or band?Oh my God. There’s too many to list. I would be afraid to say. I am a fan of, there is a guy, Floyd Vance, who just did a song for Live By Night that I really like, who really did a great piece of music for our movie and I will be talking about that when I come back.