On Music: David Lynch, Searching for the Perfect Sound

by Armando Gallo May 24, 2017
Director Dabid Lynch

hfpa/armando gallo

David Lynch met the HFPA just before leaving for the Cannes Film Festival where he will present the first two hours of his new TV series Twin Peaks: The Return. When he was asked how important is his connection between visual and music, he answered:

“I love music and I say music is a film. You can love many different types of music, but you have to get the right music to marry to the picture, and elevate that and live in that world.  It’s a thinking, feeling sort of thing, sort of an experiment always in a film: what comes in, how it comes in, and how it goes out.  It’s a magical world of music, and I love musicians.  I have nothing but respect for great musicians. Angelo Badalamenti is definitely one of them, and he is the one who brought me into the world of music.”