On Music: Eddie Murphy's Musical Side

by Armando Gallo September 21, 2016
Actor Eddie Murphy, Golden Globe winner

HFPA/Armando Gallo

You mention Golden Globe winner Eddie Murphy and Beverly Hills Cop immediately comes to mind. But very few people know that Eddie’s first love and interest rests with music. He is a very accomplished musician, songwriter, arranger and producer and he spend most of his time at home writing and recording in his studio. His audience? His heart and his 9 kids, “The best achievment of my life” told us while was promoting his first movie in 5 years, director Bruce Beresford’s drama Mr. Church. But he has been busy writing - not just music - but also four screenplays (And there is a Beverly Hills Cop 4 planned…)

“I get up and I will eat and play guitar in the backyard quite a bit” he answered when we wondered how he spends his day  “And I listen to tracks and then I might eat again and I listen to some more tracks and then I go into the studio and I might write something, interact with my family.” Does he sing too? “I sing them, I wrote them, I played them, I arranged them, produced them and I played guitar, it’s all my stuff”.