On Music: Geoffrey Rush, In Search of the Perfect Beat

by Armando Gallo April 29, 2017
Actor Geoffrey Rush, Golden Globe winner

hfpa/armando gallo

Golden Globe winner Geoffrey Rush can be seen in the extraordinary portrayal of Albert Einstein in the new National Geographic TV series Genius. Unknown to many, the “genius” was an avid fan of Mozart and a dedicated amateur violinist. We asked the Australian actor how important is music to him:

“It is (very important). I've played a number of instruments in films now and that's because those characters connected with music.  I listen to a lot of music.  I go to a lot of concerts mostly from the kind of baroque-classical-romantic-contemporary kind of repertoire and because of my background of studying movement and theatre in Paris. Rhythm is something I always look at in the script - how is the barometer of the character? When does a surprise happen? And how can that be played expressed in some kind of physical way rather than necessarily a psychological way.”