On Music: James Corden And The Unique Powers of a Song

by Armando Gallo March 21, 2018
Actor James Corden

hfpa/armando gallo

British stage actor James Corden met up with instantaneous success when he accepted to lead The Late Late Show. His passion for music, karaoke and sing-along got him to land a fantastic spot driving to work and singing with stars like Madonna, Adele, Elton John and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. How important is music in his everyday profession of TV host?

“Music can be great solace to you, whether you are on your own or even if you are in a big group of people.  But my favorite moments, the moments in my life, where the music has meant the most to me, (is when) you can feel like you have a thought or a feeling that is particular to you, the way you feel about a past loved one or the way you feel about a moment in time (…).

“And the great thing about music is that somehow somewhere, someone you don’t know and have never met, maybe even long dead, reaches out a hand to you, and says that you are not on your own.  And that’s why I think people have an affiliation with songs and songwriters and artists, far greater than you would have with actors or comedians or politicians. Music informs almost everything you do. You can bookmark parts of your life by songs that you were hearing at the time.  And there could be a song now that I could play that would mean nothing to almost all of you, but to one of you it could trigger a feeling of absolute euphoria or absolute heartbreak.  And that’s when music is at its best.”