On Music: Matthew McConaughey, Acting to the Rhythm

by Armando Gallo July 20, 2017
ACtor and Golden Globe winner Matthew McConaughey

hfpa/armando gallo

Golden Globe winner Matthew McConaughey, soon to be seen on the screen as the evil Man in Black in the big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s saga The Dark Tower, has a very close affinity to music. And that helps him in finding every character.

“I’m not sure what I’d do without music,” he told us recently. “There’s a rhythm for every character. I find there’s a rhythm for every scene, finding the meter, the music of the writing. I’ve got to find a rhythm, the right rhythm. I'm always making up rhymes or rhythms or melodies and I am mumbling or singing or humming or tapping, keeping a rhythm to something most every day and if I'm not I'm usually not in as good of a mood as I ought to be.”