On Music: Michael Keaton, Working with the "Boss"

by Armando Gallo July 27, 2017
Actor Michael Keaton. Golden Globe winner

hfpa/armando gallo

Golden Globe winner Michael Keaton stars in the action thriller American Assassin. A veteran actor, still very much proud of his portrait of Batman directed by Tim Burton,  Keaton finds inspiration in music for his different roles.

Music definitely helps a lot actually.” he told us. “And there are certain movies where I have sat and played a certain kind of music. It puts you in a certain kind of mood or state of mind and for sure it does.  When I auditioned for Night Shift  what I would key into was one Springsteen song, over and over again and I just found it, so before I went into audition -which I did several times- and sometimes during the scenes when I got the job and we were shooting, I would play this Springsteen tune in my head over and over again.  It was “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out.”  Someone asked me one time what does it mean to me, and I said it doesn’t mean anything.”