On Music: Pierce Brosnan, Finding Characters Through Sound

by Armando Gallo January 25, 2017
Actor Pierce Brosnan

Armando Gallo/hfpa

Golden Globe nominee  and, of course, ex-James Bond Pierce Brosnan can be seen in the upcoming AMC miniseries The Son, a western drama based on the  book by Philipp Meyer. Brosnan replaced another Golden Globe nominee, Sam Neill, in the role of Eli McCullough, the patriarch of a ranching dynasty in Texas. He had only one week to prepare for the role, and music was very helpful to get quickly into the character.

“Music is very important to me. And the music you find in developing a character is always important and it can be the oddest piece of music perhaps. But to lend yourself to any character you try and find music and as I was studying as a young man and as I was brought up in the quote unquote method, music is essential to an actor’s craft, what kind of music would he listen to and if you are doing Chekov, what was the music of the day? But it doesn’t have to be the music of the time to emotionally connect to the scene or the character. It can be rather obscure as long as it music is essential and I have music constantly going. Usually it’s Max Wright or Olaf Arnolds, that kind of music, cinematic music.”