On Music: The Private Musical World of Julia Roberts

by Armando Gallo September 19, 2018
Actress Julia Roberts, Golden Globe winner

armando gallo/hfpa

Three-time Golden Globe winner Julia Roberts, the girl next door turned into Pretty Woman, is still enjoying a brilliant career. A protective mother in the upcoming film Ben Is Back and a trauma counselor in the upcoming series Homecoming, Roberts promoted both works in Toronto. After seeing, in Venice, a movie in which two people fall in love instantly, through music I had to ask her how much music helps her as an actress.

“I would say that is a very good question. It has changed over the course of my career how it helps me and aids me. It does serve a great purpose, particularly when you’re at work and on a set. To have a little bit of privacy and to have a little bit of internal organization of your thoughts and preparation and things like that, I do rely utterly on music. And it’s interesting in the last number of years I will find a piece of music that just becomes the one thing that I play in repetition, endless repetition, sort of as like a meditation towards that goal of the motion. It’s fascinating what music can do to all of us, it’s really incredible. What was the movie?”

The movie was A Star is Born, I told her.  “Of course,” she reacted. “My friend Bradley Cooper, how incredible. Isn’t it incredible? I can’t wait to see it.”