On Music: Rupert Grint, Who Lives in the Past

by Armando Gallo March 9, 2017
Actor Rupert Grint

hfpa/armando gallo

Rupert Grint, the lovable Ron Weasley of Harry Potter fame is back on the television version of the Guy Ritchie movie Snatch. Since he left Potter he tried his talent as a musician, but found out the he really loves to hear music more than trying to play an instrument. And he loves when music is played on the set:

“Music is quite important to really set the tone and, yeah, it really kind of focus you especially with, like Snatch, even when we were filming they played music during some of the big fight sequences.  I mean, they were playing like a lot of kind of ska music and The Specials and stuff like that.  Yeah, it really kind of does help. It’s a really useful tool.”

But what does he listen when not working?I’m very bad with new music.  I am quite old in a way. I kind of listen to bands from the ’80s, ‘70s kind of alternative like Joy Division, Talking Heads, Lou Reed, yeah.”