On Music: For Sandra Bullock, it Skipped a Generation

by Armando Gallo July 5, 2018
Actress Sandra Bullock, Golden Globe winner

armando gallo/hfpa

Golden Globe winner Sandra Bullock plays Danny Ocean’s (George Clooney) sister in Ocean’s 8  the film that is becoming an international hit. Her mother was a German opera singer and we asked her if music helped her also as an actress.

“Constantly.  I have an imagination that always has a soundtrack to it.  I get up in the morning with songs and even in Ocean’s -- there is an energy and there is a rhythm to the Ocean’s movies.  And I would have to find walking, what is the strut and there was always that drum, that sort of steel drum percussion that goes (does a swing beat) and I would literally have it in my head and it would just slow me down.  And growing up in such a musical family, everything that I do in life has a musical overtone to it, everything.  It’s abundant in our household. There are kids singing all day and when they say it skips a generation, it skipped me and landed on my children.  They play drums and piano and trumpet, just whatever they pick up, they are fearless with music.  So I am lucky, I am lucky that we get to live a life like that.  But everything I do is musical I feel.”