On Music: Spider-Man Tom Holland, Flying with a Personal Soundtrack

by Armando Gallo June 30, 2017
Actor Tom Holland

hfpa/armando gallo

Tom Holland is the young 15-year-old Spider-Man in the new reboot of the beloved Marvel super-hero. A former ballet dancer, he grew up with music in his veins, so we asked him how music helps him in his new acting career.

"Something I learned from Juan Antonio Bayona through the shooting of the movie The Impossible is that music is a really a great way for focusing your energy and also blocking everything out.  A film set is a very busy place.  A lot happens.  There is so much going on so for example if I have to cry, I have a selection of songs on my phone which is under the word ‘Cry songs’ that I listen to and they just put you in the right mood. They give you the right tone of what you need to do and then you have to obviously act but the music is just a good, is like teeing up a golf ball.  The music tees it up and then I hit it.”