New and Revised Rules Announced for the 74th Golden Globe Awards

by Ana Maria Bahiana April 18, 2016

Getty Images

As part of its commitment to clarity and transparency, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has published a new, revised edition of rules and regulations for the Golden Globe Awards. The new document, valid immediately, is yet another step in an ongoing process of revising and refining the requirements and qualifications for the Globes.

The document contains very few completely new entries. Most of the additions and modifications have been part of the Golden Globes internal procedures and rules for years. That is the case of the new language defining “original score”, specifying who should receive the screenplay award and the procedures to determine what qualifies an entry in the “foreign language” category.

In the same way, the possibility of a “special” Golden Globe awards, the strict requirements of disclosures by voters and the blackout period for attending parties and social functions during the voting period for a long time have been part of the HFPA’s bylaws and internal rules.

These are the truly new additions for this year’s Golden Globes cycle:

  • New language that more clearly defines the drama/comedy distinction, which now contemplates the hybrid genre of the dramedy and similar pictures with a more precise description: “dramas with comedic overtones should be entered as dramas.”
  •  A change in the foreign language motion picture eligibility period to a 15-month period to coincide with the Academy’s eligibility period and make submissions in the category easier to manage.
  • For the same reason – making life easier for foreign language entrants – submitted films are no longer required to provide screeners in addition to showing the picture at a special screening. (Screeners, however, are highly encouraged).
  • Due to the expansion of viewing platforms, the rules were refined to establish distinctions between motion picture and television categories in pay-per-view windows.
  •  The new rules make the blackout period stricter, by banning all person-to-person interactions between publicists and voters during the voting period

The 74th Golden Globe Awards will be held on Sunday, January 8, 2017.

Download the rules for the 2017 Golden Globes here:PDF icongolden_globe_awards_eligibility_descriptions_2016_revisionsapproved_by_members_4-4-16.pdf