Oral History: Julia Roberts on Dancing in a Dive Bar

by Jack Tewksbury December 27, 2018
Actress Julia Roberts, Golden Globe winner, in 1990, with Golden Globe for Steel Magnolias, Best Supporting Actress

Julia Roberts wins her first Golden Globe - Best Supporting Actress for Steel Magnolias, January 1990.

hfpa archives

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In this excerpt from our archives, multiple Golden Globe winner Julia Roberts describes a fun night at New York's hot spot in the early 1990s - the Hogs and Heifers Saloon, that would go on to inspire the movie Coyote Ugly.

" I went with four hockey players to a small club in downtown Manhattan called Hogs and Heifers. We heard it was a great fun place and we took a taxi. It is famous for women customers dancing on top of the bar. No men allowed. It is also famous for having to take off your bra to dance on the bar. 

So I got a lot of attention and cheers when I got up there. I do not strip as a general rule - I have been offered millions to do it and I wasn't going to do it for free there. Without taking off my shirt, I loosened my bra and pulled it down underneath - no easy feat - and threw it on the pile. 

The beat was great, everyone was with it and was having a wonderful time dancing along with the other girls. At some point, a girl was whispering to me so our heads came close together. That's when a New York Post photographer took our picture.  Next day I'm on the Post's cover page, our heads together. What does it say? That I tongue kissed her for 30 seconds, the whole nine yards, okay? But if I tongue-kissed her for that long, how come he didn't get a picture of me doing it?

And If I can be in the bar making out with some chick and still leave with four guys -hockey players yet - then nobody is cooler than I am."