The Pablove Foundation

by Elisabeth Sereda October 10, 2018
The Pablove Foundation

HFPA Grantee

The Pablove Foundation’s Shutterbug program provides children with pediatric cancer a chance to learn how to be photographers through workshops and summer camps. “We do a gallery show at the end of every session”, says JoAnn Thrailkill, president of Pablove: “And we sell out with our kids’ prints every time. I mean, they are gorgeous shots that these kids are taking and most of them keep doing it. We invite them to come back to our events as press photographers

From Tacoma, Washington to Los Angeles, California, from Austin, Texas to Akron, Ohio, and everywhere in between, Pablove helps fund pediatric cancer research and educate and empower families that are affected by cancer. Through music, art and hospital play programs, the mission is to help improve the quality of life for these children.

“The mission is to allow kids who are living with cancer to find their creative voice through photography” explains JoAnn Thrailkill, president of the Pablove Foundation: “In those classes children learn lighting, shadows, birds eye view. The basic principles. And at the end of the class they get to keep their equipment. It’s theirs because we encourage them to keep shooting and participate in the activities that we provide.”

The HFPA grant helps purchase cameras and accessories for 100 participants in the Shutterbugs Program. One lucky kid even gets to take photos on the Golden Globes red carpet every year. “These are amazing events that they are able to participate in and their talent is extraordinary”, Thrailkill puts it perfectly. “I went to the Globes and took pictures of some really famous people”, said little Anthony, smiling at the memory. His mom, Rosa agrees that the program may have helped save his life: “This gave him an opportunity to see the world outside of the hospital walls. To be a regular kid, discovering and doing something he really likes. And I’m so glad cancer wasn’t invited to this party.”

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