A Shutterbug on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

by Yoram Kahana January 8, 2019
Yasmine, a Pablolove Shutterbug, at the Golden Globes 2019

yoram kahana/hfpa

She was the smallest and shortest photographer among the 50-some cohort of press photographers lined up along the red carpet, training their cameras on the procession of celebrities arriving at the Golden Globes.

But at a little over four feet , Yasmine Leilah Malayeri, may well stand tallest. The second grader is a cancer survivor, and was chosen to represent the Pablove Foundation’s  “Shutterbug” photography program. The Pablove Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to working with children who fight cancer. Photography instruction and practice is a powerful tool in the program. The Shutterbug program is funded in part by an HFPA grant towards instruction and equipment.

Yasmine is a veteran. Last August she photographed on the red carpet of the HFPA's grants and installation banquet. Sunday she again took her place at the head of the first row of press photographers, wielding her trusted Sony Alpha 6000 digital camera.  Yasmine, the daughter of immigrants from Iran and Mexico, is eight years old, She joined the Pablove Shutterbug program in Spring 2018 with 20 other kids ranging in age from 6 to 16, and is the youngest shooter ever to cover the HFPA event for Pablove.

In May 2014 Yasmine was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer, 'acute lymphoblastic leukemia' , and was treated at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. She is now in remission. Yasmine was interested in photography even before her diagnosis and hospitalization, taking photos with her parents' cell phones. While at the hospital  she learned about the Pablove Shutterbug program and enrolled in the class where she was given her first camera. Being a quick study, Yasmine soon learned how to operate it like a young pro, and graduated from Pablove Shutterbug Fundamentals class.

Yasmine's mom, Veronica, said, "I can't thank Pablove enough for all the love and support they've given us. They're now like family." Which is how the HFPA feels about The Pablove Foundation and its star student. Yasmine was excited to be, again, part of the glamorous event and its glittering red carpet parade.

At the top of the list of celebrities, she hoped to photograph was Michael B. Jordan, who was a Golden Globes presenter ("I saw Creed II and loved it!" she says) and Lady Gaga (this year’s Golden Globe winner for Best Song). Yasmine also looked forward to meeting veteran actor Dick Van Dyke, also a Golden Globes presenter. It is a personal reason- Yasmine adored him because he appears as Bert in  Mary Poppins- a movie she knows and loves because she played the title role in a stage presentation at her school. 

After she took part in the grants banquet, Yasmine said : "It was fun but also very serious, intense and beautiful. It was an amazing evening which I'll never forget. I know now, more than ever, that I want to be an actress, and on the red carpet myself, one day.