Scene from "A Son of Man" (2018)

Scene from A Son of Man (2018)

A Son of Man, directed by Luis Felipe Fernández-Salvador and Pablo Agüero, is a film shot in the jungles of Ecuador. It follows Pipe, a circumspect American teenager from the rich suburbs of Minneapolis who reluctantly joins his mysterious father in Ecuador, his father’s home country, where they embark on a treasure hunt for Incan gold. During their perilous expedition, the young man will understand that he and his father cannot escape their family demons and finding gold does not always mean finding a treasure.

The film is, in essence, a coming-of-age adventure-drama that tells the story of a family of explorers’ decades-long treasure hunt for gold in the South American jungle. Based in part on director Luis Felipe Fernández-Salvador’s own story, the project “is a ten-year long passion project, shot in real locations using innovative remote-controlled cameras and drones, using only real-life characters, and no script. All this was done in order to bring more realism to the story and to capture the characters’ experiences with more authenticity.”

Fernández-Salvador said he wanted to immortalize his father's final steps into finding the greatest lost treasure in history, to which he dedicated most of his life. Working for years to make the film as accurate as possible to the audiences. Hernandez turned his explorations into filmmaking expeditions, while respecting the “real-world”. This turned into a unique view of a true story treasure quest, a novel story of reality that immerses audiences in the intimacy of true cinematic emotions.

A Son of Man – which has been promoted by Leonardo DiCaprio and Woody Harrelson – can be also seen as an important environmental message, advocating how it is necessary to teach the world the importance of preserving and protecting the most biodiverse ecosystem on Earth, the Amazon, and the ancient tribes who live within it.