World Box Office April 2 - 8, 2018

by Lorenzo Soria April 9, 2018
Scenes from "Ready Player One", "Black Panther", "Peter Rabbit", "Pacific Rim: Uprising" and "Tomb Raider"

Scenes from Ready Player One, Black Panther, Peter Rabbit, Pacific Rim: Uprising and Tomb Raider

And on its second week, Ready Player One has turned into the second biggest Hollywood release of 2018, domestically and internationally, behind only Black Panther. The Steven Spielberg’s meditation on pop culture and virtual reality has been doing especially well in China, where it has earned $163 million so far, making it the top Warner release ever in the Middle Kingdom. By surpassing Tintin, Ready Player One is also the biggest Spielberg movie since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull back in 2008. The film produced solid results in North America as well, earning another $25 million. It’s geared to pass the $100 million domestic mark anytime and $400 million worldwide.

Two months after it first opened in theaters, Ryan Coogler's Black Panther keeps making history. On the domestic front, in its eighth week, Black Panther grossed another $8.4 million for a domestic total of $665.4 million. This means it has passed 1997’s Titanic to rank as the third top-grossing title of all time behind 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens and 2009's Avatar. Globally, Black Panther has grossed $1.29 billion and ranks as the No. 10 top-grossing title of all time.

On a smaller scale, Sony’s Peter Rabbit keeps finding viewers of all ages. In the UK, after four weeks of release, it was at the top again for a total of $45 million. Worldwide it stands at $273.8 million, a spectacular result for a film with a budget of $50 million. Pacific Rim: Uprising is just below, with a global gross of $267 million but its reported production budget is closer to the $200 million mark. Right next to it comes Tomb Raider, with $55 million domestic and $263 million global. 80% of its business, in other words, is coming from overseas and now comes a tough decision: with a reported budget of about $100 million, is the Alicia Vikander reboot sequel material?

Back on the domestic front, the big winner was A Quiet Place, along with John Krasinski, who directed the horror title, and Paramount, a studio badly in need of a win. It made $50 million, way above expectations for a film with just three minutes of dialogue, the story of a family who must remain in silence to save itself from mysterious creatures that hunt by sound. A potential handicap was turned into an opportunity, with digital influencers challenging people to spend a day in silence and fans actually following them. Opening in 40 markets, the film also did pretty well overseas, especially in the UK, in Australia and in South and Central America. Internationally, it added $21 million – when we consider the film had a production budget of $17 million – this is a clear success.

It was also a good weekend for Blockers, an R-Rated raunchy comedy about three girls determined to lose their virginity while their parents – Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz and John Cena – try to stop them. Cena’s performance was particularly appreciated, another proof that stardom in the wrestling world circus can translate into Hollywood success. Next week we will actually see the master of this back in action, Dwayne Johnson. In Warner’s Rampage, opening worldwide, a genetic experiment gone awry generates some raging predators of enormous size determined to destroy our civilization. They seem unstoppable, but no worries: The Rock will save us, once again.

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