Amy Adams

Actress Amy Adams, Golden Globe winner
Gabriel LermanDecember 27, 2018

Ha llegado a tal nivel de calidad en su trabajo que nada de lo que hace pasa desapercibido, lo cual explica por qué en la próxima gala de los...

Amy Adams
Emanuel LevyDecember 21, 2018

One of the most accomplished and versatile actresses in Hollywood today, Amy Adams, who’s 44, has been nominated for nine Golden Globes, in both...

Amy Adams
Luca CeladaJuly 6, 2018

Amy Adams stars as the lead character of Camille in Sharp Objects, adapted for HBO from the book of the same title – the debut novel by Gillian...

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Actress Amy Adams, Golden Globe winner
Armando GalloJuly 2, 2018

Two-time Golden Globe winner Amy Adams trained as a ballerina but, at 18, found musical theater more to her liking. Music is in her blood - she...

Amy Adams
Emanuel LevyJanuary 3, 2017

At the peak of her career, Amy Adams is easily among the most accomplished actresses of her generation. She is also one of the busiest and most...

Actress Amy Adams, Golden Globe winner
Gabriel LermanDecember 27, 2016

Su presencia ya es habitual en la ceremonia de los Globos de Oro. Con su flamante nominación por Arrival, Amy Adams habrá disputado el premio que...

Actress Amy Adams
Ana Maria BahianaDecember 12, 2016

In Denis Villeneuve’s existential sci-fi feature, Amy Adams plays Louise Brooks, a linguist recruited by the military to facilitate a dialogue...

Golden Glopbe winner Amy Adams in a scene from "Arrrival"
Lorenzo SoriaNovember 14, 2016

Veterans day weekend saw a sharp rise in box office returns across the board with Americans flocking to theaters, some in elation, some trying to...

Actors Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, Golden Globe nominees, im Venice 2016
Ana Maria BahianaSeptember 3, 2016

The weekend arrives noisy and busy on the Lido. It's the ideal frame for parties, celebrations and assorted special events. We were more than...