Andrew Lincoln

Actor Andrew LIncoln at Comic-Con 2018
Gabriel LermanJuly 24, 2018

A lo largo de los años, Andrew Lincoln ha sido una figura habitual en las entrevistas que habitualmente realiza la Asociación de Prensa Extranjera...

Actor Andrew LIncoln at Comic-Con 2018
Brent SimonJuly 22, 2018

Andrew Lincoln has an emotional Comic-Con as part of his last stand with The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Luca CeladaOctober 26, 2016

With 17 million mesmerized Americans watching Sunday’s season 7 debut, The Walking Dead continue to post scary numbers – close to its all time...

Actor Andrew Lincoln at Comic-Con 2016
Mario AmayaJuly 27, 2016

El mundo está a la espera con lo que viene en la séptima temporada de The Walking Dead, tras unos finales de temporada más audaces que se ha visto...

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Andrew Lincoln
Luca CeladaJuly 23, 2016

Once again the dead are walking the earth – especially the real estate around the San Diego Covention Center. Zombies are always a mainstay at...