Blade Runner

Actor Rutger Hauer, Golden Globe winner
Yoram KahanaAugust 14, 2019

Dutch actor Rutger Hauer, who died aged 75, was the most known and admired performer to come out of the Netherlands. He was equally comfortable...

Director Denis Villeneuve
Armando GalloSeptember 30, 2017

Un enorme muro protegge Los Angeles dalle onde dell’Oceano Pacifico, diventate ormai troppo alte e minacciose a causa degli riscaldamento globale...

Director Denis Villeneuve
Luca CeladaJuly 21, 2017

Blade Runner 2049 easily must be the most anticipated movie of the year - if nothing else because of the absolute cult status of its forerunner:...

A rendering, part of the Blade Runenr experience at Comic-Con 2017
Luca CeladaJuly 21, 2017

On the heels of the latest trailer released strategically in advance of Comic-Con, Blade Runner 2049 wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to woo...

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Actress Ana de Armas
Gabriel LermanAugust 31, 2016

Anyone who first encounters Ana de Armas' talent in Hands of Stone; the story of Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán, or in War Dogs, where she plays...