Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper
Janet R. NepalesDecember 21, 2018

Who would have ever thought that the guy in the box-office hit franchise, The Hangover, would turn out to be one of Hollywood’s critically-...

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga
Katherine TulichOctober 3, 2018

The third remake of the well-worn showbiz tale A Star is Born marks the directorial debut of Bradley Cooper and the feature film debut Lady Gaga....

Actor and director Bradley Cooper, Golden Globe nominee
Armando GalloSeptember 5, 2018

Golden Globe nominee Bradley Cooper stunned the audience at the Venice Film Festival with his directorial debut, a remake of A Star Is Born....

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga
Scott OrlinSeptember 2, 2018

“To me, it was a sign from God,” laughs Lady Gaga, referring to the now infamous lightning strike at the Sala Grande Theater, which caused a 20-...

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Emma Stone, Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper
Margaret GardinerAugust 31, 2018

Lighter colors, soft peachy pink and beading caught the spotlight at the Venice Film Festival, while men went predictable.

HFPASeptember 5, 2012

Bradley Cooper, star of The Words, talks about his friendship with writer/director Brian Klugman, and the long journey to bring the indie project...

HFPAMarch 3, 2011

The HFPA asks Bradley Cooper to discuss which actor he has worked with that made him raise his own game.